Jepson Center of the Arts

Currently the Jepson Center in Savannah, Georgia doesn’t set itself apart from the rest of the Telfair Museums of which it is apart of. The project includes a brand identity, stationery, a website design, and a publication. The concept for the rebrand of Jepson Center comes from the dramatic angles and lines seen in the architecture of the building by Moshe Safdie.

The new brand identity created for the Jepson Center is vibrant and eye-catching to pay homage to the unique architectural elements of the museum itself to convey a quirky, open and fun environment of all ages. With the contemporary art collections the Jepson exhibits, the new visual identity plays with geometry and a paper origami aesthetic that would appeal to visitors from children to adults. Within the mark there are many created shapes forming the origami folds that are used as design elements and decorations that are used on a variety of deliverables.